Meet Real Turkish Cuisine

comes from a Turkish home

It is not only KEBAP!

Turkish cuisine is not only the Kebap! Have you ever heard about Wet Burger (Islak Burger), Pide, Lahmacun, Salep, Künefe, Sucuk, Simit, İmambayıldı and more! 


Mixture of World 

It is the mixture and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. Meals prepared with rich ingredients will take you to an oriental and historical journey.


Vegan and Vegetarian

The most common misconception about Turkish food is that it’s a monotone, meat-based cuisine which is generally spicy. Unfortunately this limited perception is encouraged by kebab restaurants both in Turkey and around the world. Actually, it is impressive when you get to know the vegetarian foods in Turkish cuisine.


Meet with Legendary Turkish Breakfast

As the saying goes “one must eat breakfast like a king.” In Tamam, we take this suggestion to heart. Turkish breakfast is more than a meal, it is a celebration of life! Freshly squeezed juices, meze-sized dishes, a wide selection of cheeses and olives, fresh vegetables, cold cuts, pastries, omelets, delicious Turkish tea and more… You haven’t had breakfast until you've had a breakfast experience in Turkey! We are bringing that taste you in KRAKOW! Be our guest!


Original foods from our mother’s hands

In Tamam we are not making fancy looking photos, empty tastes...We focus on the quality of the taste rather than how it looks... It’s not an empty claim. Think of the first sandwich your mum made, that first pancake which never goes well, the first omelet... They might be not the best looking, but they were tasty, they were from the most trusted person, they were the reflection of family.

We aim in Tamam to provide customers a place where we all involved in conversations, fun, daily jokes and a great experience of food next to. We say you don’t have to consume anything, just come say hi, let’s talk about your day and share stories.

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